Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Are What You Eat

Which explains why Boppa is such a large hairy man.  Mmmm, our dear fresh buffalo.  We also eat a lot of fish, so we don't want to take the saying too far.

Back to the large hairy mammals. They seem so much more manageable when they arrive in neat little packages. 

For roughly the same price, you can hunt one in a fair fight.  Mano y mano.  $2,000.  But if you do that, in addition to the joy of the hunt, you also get the joy of the butchering process.  Which is why paying the same $2,000 to not have to go mano y mano and to not have to butcher and package the meat, well, it's good value.  (Mark Frauenfelder would be so dissappointed in us.)  The first picture, above, is one entire butchered and packaged buffalo.  In recycled safeway bags, because we are good citizens.

With some friends, we bought a buffalo from Burton's Ranch, down by Pasagshak.  It is quite tasty, and also, quite reasonable.  Comes out to about $5 a pound for locally grown, 100% range fed buffalo.  The porterhouse is exquisite.  I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Another great thing about the buffalo is that we are getting back to our roots.  The entire Kodiak herd is descended from a Montana herd. 

In other news, Uncle Regan's Hollywood debut has finally arrived.  Big Miracle.  Hooray!  Up next, On Frozen Ground.  

And we'll end this blog with the classic song that Pax, Stokes, and Hux will be singing:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

UnPalau (Kauai)

Poipu is a little slice of warmth on the southernmost peninsula of Kauai.  Doesn't get too rainy, despite being only a few miles from the rainiest spot on earth.  It was our headquarters.  Stoko's first move upon arrival was to strip down.  (Below, we haven't yet stepped foot out the airport.)

We apologize for any neck injuries incurred while viewing this blog.  (The Iphone 4S is neat and all, but it has some default settings that make it hard to rotate the pictures.  Hard for us geezers anyway.  Can't say we haven't tried.  And no, Siri isn't any help with it, either.  Not even Australian Siri. )

 If you are super rich, I'd suggest staying at the Grand Hyatt.  It has an amazing pool area, which most pictures don't do any justice.  Especially sideways pictures.  And  it has toucans.  Or, you can rent a house nearby and just hang out at the Grand Hyatt, which is what we did.

We checked out the grand canyon of Hawaii.

 The kids didn't notice it.  They were too distract by this large pile of dirt.  And the chickens.

Mini-ninjas on the move.  Moment of honesty here.  We got upgraded to first class each way to Hawaii.  But of all the flights, our most enjoyable was when we had the very back row in coach, from Seattle to Anchorage.  First class can be enjoyable.  But last class was best for us.  Here are the mini-ninjas below, enjoying their first class experience (and inspiring dread in the rest of the cabin.  Unfounded, of course.  Our kids being angels, and all.)

Precise chronology is not my bag. 

Baby beach is actually where we did our best hanging out.  It's an ideal spot for everyone.  Babies and toddlers can crawl and toddle.  Grownups and mini-ninjas can boogie board, surf, and SUP.  Pax and Stokes both had breakthrough days on the boogie, surving full body dunkings on several occasions.  One might even say that Genevieve and Elle had breakthrough days on the boogie, too!  

One thing about Kauai... don't be fooled by the short distances.  Short distances, small speed limits, and many cars is a recipe for slow travel.  If we return, we'll pick one place and stay put, mostly.  

We also checked out the West Coast, which would be an awesome place to camp for an extended period of time.  Which we were slightly afraid that we might have to do involuntarily after getting our minivan stuck in a sand dune.  Fortunately, by sacrificing a couple of boogies, we were able to escape.  (All that stuck suby training really came in handy.)

A mountain man could move to Kauai and survive quite easily, and happily.  On poultry alone.  So I guess what I'm saying is we probably would've been fine if we had gotten stuck.

I do wish we would've been filming.  Justin caught some seriously  big waves, and definitely is an amazing surfer.  Unfortunately, being high noon, it was a bit too hot for the kiddos to enjoy and the non-surfing part of the team mostly tried to hide in the shade.  Which was pretty far from the beach.  I don't think we took one photo of Polihale.    

We do have more pictures.  Some of them are awesome.  But we'll spare your neck.  

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Here's the letter I wanted to include with our Christmas Card:

HO HO HO!  Happy Winter! Happy Holidays!  Here’s wishing you a year free of poopy diapers, full of afternoon naps and nightly uninterrupted 8 hour stretches of sleep.  There’s a small chance we are projecting our desires.  But I doubt it.  Oh yeah, and tasty donuts, wishing you lots of tasty donuts this year.

What is there to say?  We are thankful for you, our dear friends and family, even if some of you  do start to feel like only figments of our imagination given how long we’ve been out of touch.  Please forgive us!  Since we live in the Dirty South (of Alaska), naturally we listen to a lot of crunk, and we kind of feel like we are on Lil Jon’s wavelength as we chase around our mini-ninjas.  You know, it’s like a semi-truck, no fuckin’ brakes, outta control like a bull out da gate.  We get bananas like a room full of apes.  Over here with our ninjas in the mosh pit.  Etc.  The main difference is we shake our mullets, not our dreds, and we’re chasing root beer with root beer instead of vodka with patron. Yeah, we lost it.  You get the point.  

Those of you chasing multiple miniature versions of yourselves around know what we are talking about.  Those of you who aren’t, please, take an afternoon nap and love it!

I was afraid that our annual Christmas card might be unacceptable, containing a reference to Lil Jon’s Outta Your Mind and all.  But I’m told that this letter will be acceptable as long as it contains no references to yeast infections, and I can assure you, I will not be talking about yeast infections, no matter how uncomfortable or itchy they may be.  On a side note, we’ve been eating a lot of plain Greek yogurt and taking garlic and oregano supplements.  I’d encourage you to do it, too.  No reason, really.  Just something to think about.  The odorless garlic is probably the best, unless you fear vampires or want to live the single life for a while.

Let’s see... we enjoyed immensely a few months of focusing on our family without the hindrance of having to work, thanks to FMLA.  Those months flew by, and during that time we managed to wander around and introduce Huxley to a number of folks in America.  Dawson tried his hand at being a stay at home dad for a few weeks, but unfortunately, we had to fire him after he let Stokes and Pax start Huxley on fire.  Just kidding about that last part.  No fires or firing was involved.  Were? Was?  What is this, a grammar test?  

As it turns out, working and chasing three mini-ninjas is pretty time consuming.  Our Kodiak summer this year was awesome, lots of blue sky beach days.  We caught a few fish, subsistence style, red salmon mostly.  Dawson tried his hand (net) at the Copper River, and survived, deliciously, if not fruitfully.  We’re definitely working on our skills in that area.  This year, we came very close to actually catching a silver salmon.  

Pax is five, Stokes is three, and by the time you get this, they’ll both be in pre-school.  Hux is almost one, almost walking, and mostly pooping in the toilet.  Yay, EC!  We are believers! (Google it.  Or not.  It’s all about poop, and getting it into the toilet, so if that’s not a pressing challenge in your life, you may want to skip it.)  

As the kids grow, we’ve definitely noticed an increase in our food consumption.  In many ways, we are counting on them to actually know how to catch some of the many tasty wild animals found here on Kodiak.  At least, better than their parents can!  We’re hoping they can learn from their friends.  So far, Genevieve wins the title of great provider.  She’s come home with multiple silver, red, and pink salmon.  Come visit some time, and she’ll cook some up for you!  Mmmm...

Have a great 2012!  Here’s hoping you live it so awesomely that you won’t even care if Earth collides with Nibiru!#  That’s scheduled for 12/21/2012, in case you want to make plans.  Hey, laugh if you want to, but it’s on the internets.  I know we’ll be planning accordingly.   

Cheers and love and hugs and kisses from Team Wilco,

Dawson, Genevieve, Paxson, Stokely, and Huxley

Here's what we actually said:


Cheers to you!  To both of our readers, if you didn't get a card, that means we have your wrong address.  Please update us.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Our Life

This is our typical chaos level.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Awesome Things

Two awesome things about Kodiak.  1)  97% renewable energy.  In a couple years, Kodiak will be almost completely energy independent.  Awesome!  Makes me want to get an electric car!   When is the 7 seat AWD plug-in Prius SUV coming out?  We'll be first in line.

2)  Rock Island Rollers.  Yes!  We will soon have our very own roller derby team.  Go, Dover, go!

These guys are awesome.  We've been into small homes lately.