Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Are What You Eat

Which explains why Boppa is such a large hairy man.  Mmmm, our dear fresh buffalo.  We also eat a lot of fish, so we don't want to take the saying too far.

Back to the large hairy mammals. They seem so much more manageable when they arrive in neat little packages. 

For roughly the same price, you can hunt one in a fair fight.  Mano y mano.  $2,000.  But if you do that, in addition to the joy of the hunt, you also get the joy of the butchering process.  Which is why paying the same $2,000 to not have to go mano y mano and to not have to butcher and package the meat, well, it's good value.  (Mark Frauenfelder would be so dissappointed in us.)  The first picture, above, is one entire butchered and packaged buffalo.  In recycled safeway bags, because we are good citizens.

With some friends, we bought a buffalo from Burton's Ranch, down by Pasagshak.  It is quite tasty, and also, quite reasonable.  Comes out to about $5 a pound for locally grown, 100% range fed buffalo.  The porterhouse is exquisite.  I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Another great thing about the buffalo is that we are getting back to our roots.  The entire Kodiak herd is descended from a Montana herd. 

In other news, Uncle Regan's Hollywood debut has finally arrived.  Big Miracle.  Hooray!  Up next, On Frozen Ground.  

And we'll end this blog with the classic song that Pax, Stokes, and Hux will be singing:


Gregg and Elizabeth Roberts said...

It appears you have made efforts to erase yourself from the interwebs. I commend that. Hope all is well. We were thinking of you guys. Elizabeth and I are currently in China bringing home a little girl. We are currently in Lanzhou, reportedly one of the most polluted cities in China and think we just ate rubber bands or "tenderized" yellow cow stomach/connective tissue/skin/udder, so we are laying down. Not sure if you will get this or not. Maybe you have gone all Amish and don't even have email. Elizabeth would like to bend Genevieve's ear a bit about some PT stuff for our little one.

If this fails I will look at sending a telegram I guess.


Team Wilco said...

alas, you found us! i sent an email to my last known email address for you. let me know if you don't receive it.